Africa and Inspiration 2021 Calender


Artist Spotlight

Davis Hidink Oching is a committed corporate and a global citizen with a strong belief of reciprocity and the power of community. He is a Kenyan-based photographer who started doing photography in 2015 after he completed his college. He is currently involved with THE DESIRE TO INSPIRE FOUNDATION aimed at empowering communities, supporting women and children, influencing change and encouraging love in the world. He has a strong belief in the reciprocity and power of community.He is currently involved with organizations aimed at empowering communities,supporting women and children,influencing change and encouraging collaboration and meaningful connections.

 Captivating photos from Kenya East Africa by The Desire to Inspire’s very own, Davis Hidink Oching coupled with quotes from author, Dawn Airhart Witte, and graphic design by Lamiae from Morocco, create this stunning wall calendar. Sure to brighten any space and uplift every soul.


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