14K Gold Plated "Genuine" Sterling Silver Necklace

Adorn yourself with this exquisite necklace, bearing the word 'genuine,' a timeless reminder of the beauty in authenticity. Wear it with pride, and let it reflect your unwavering commitment to staying real in a world that sometimes values imitation. May this necklace inspire you to embrace your uniqueness, to stand confidently in your own skin, and to always be true to who you are. Let your genuine spirit shine bright, leaving a trail of sincerity and depth wherever you go. May your authenticity inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple of genuine connections and heartfelt moments.


18 inches, 1.25 mm Square Wheat Chain Necklace Component
Clasp Type: Lobster
Style: Wheat
Width: 1.25 mm
Overall Length: 18 inches

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